# Introduction

# What is Sublime Ads

Sublime Ads is a platform to allow you to manage and serve your very own ads in your own apps, on your websites, or other services using a simple API. You are in complete control on what you want to show, and how.

Everything is in one place and is easy to manage, no need to write your own custom solution. On top, Sublime Ads is privacy conscious to you and your users. Only taps/clicks will be registered for served ads and nothing else. We also don't use any tracking for the web application and other things, just like the internet is supposed to be.

# About this guide

Work in progress!

This guide is work in progress and will not have everything just yet. I'll remove this notice once it's all there. Sublime Ads is still being built and no doubt will change as I go.

If you do spot any mistakes, or need clarification on existing documentation, just let me know.

# Content Blockers

Please be aware that some content blockers may hide certain titles and or content on the website and documentation - causing confusion (certainly confused me at first). If you can, please whitelist the site.

I do my best to avoid naming things that may clash with a content blocker.