Privacy focused ad management for your apps, websites and others.

Sublime Ads allows you to manage and serve your very own ads in your apps, websites, or other services, using our simple API or embed code with no need to write your own convoluted custom solution.

“If you value the privacy of your customers, do yourself a favor and provide them the respect they deserve by using Sublime Ads to display content in a beautiful and meaningful way. Despite what the others are saying, you don’t have to sacrifice privacy to provide users with meaningful and impactful ads.”

Jason Burk avatar Jason Burk

“Vincent has built one of those supposedly small but very powerful tools that everyone who builds & publishes digital products needs at some point - be they apps, blogs or other websites: A system in which ads or similar can be stored, which are then more or less randomly displayed on and in these products.”

Stefan Grund avatar Stefan Grund

Manage your own ads and serve them to your apps and sites with ease.

Do you have a podcasting app, newsreader app or even just a blog and want to show ads that you control? Look no further than Sublime Ads.

No need to come up with a custom solution, we have you covered whatever your needs. Are "ads" not the correct word? Then embed what you want from "tools" or "services" that you recommend. Make it your own. Use our simple API, or embeds, to make it happen.

An easy to use, and robust, API.

Get your content into your apps or sites with our easy to use API or embed option. Whatever your needs, it really is easy to get started. No drama. All backed by Cloudflare.

All you need is an API key, or embed code, and good documentation. We're always open to suggestions, after all it's just one of us... so rest assured we're here to help.

1,423,356 API requests served as of January 1st, 2021... and counting!

One place, many use cases.

Sublime Ads is so much more than just for your ads. It can really be anything you want it to be. Whatever your needs, it's super easy and flexible.

If you host a blog, you can use our embed option to display ads on the sidebar or perhaps inline of your article. Or you can display tools or services you use, that change per visit. Have your own apps and service? Yeah, you can add them too and cross promote.

Got a podcast app with many categories and want to show ads depending on those? Just add the categories, link some ads to it, then use the API to call your category to get back your content.

Privacy first, for you and other human beings.

We're privacy conscious to you and your audience. If you so choose, only taps/clicks will be registered for served ads and nothing else. We also don't use any tracking for the web application and other shady things, just like the internet is supposed to be.

Easily disable statistics for your ads in the dashboard for extra piece of mind. We do it ourselves!

To top that, we host your data in Germany — the country with one of the strictests, and awesome, privacy laws. Because we truly care!

Made by a real human, not a corporation.

Hey, I'm Vincent and I'm an independent developer and not a VC funded corporation or start-up ❤️

I built Sublime Ads to help me manage my very own ads & tools that I want to promote in my own apps and sites. Find out more on the development blog about Sublime Ads, or visit my homepage. Human ✌️

It's eco-friendly.

Tackling climate change should be everyones' priority, no matter how small you are. Sublime Ads is hosted on infrastructure that uses 100% renewable energy. Hydro to the power! No offsetting required.

Sublime Ads will contribute 1% of every monthly subscription to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.


Pricing. Simple. Sublime.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room. Sublime Ads is here to stay, that means we offer a very simple pricing structure that is fair to everyone and fits any budget.

Everyone gets a 14 free no limit** trial on sign up, then it's just $12/month*. Or, you can keep your account and enjoy our Basic account for free** (we'll only limit the amount of times you can call the API, per month).

And because life sometimes throws a lemon at you... well... just get in touch if you can't afford our paid plan and we'll happily pause your payments until you're back on your feet. We've been there!

Monthly plan

This is our simple paid plan. Suitable for nearly everyone. One price, all features, no limits**.



If you don't subscribe you'll be on the Basic plan. No limits except access to the API usage (1,000 usage hits per calendar month)**.



One size doesn't fit all. If you're a bigger organisation, or need something custom, or planning to go beyond our fair usage policy - get in touch to discuss.

If you're coming from let us know via email and we'll happily upgrade a Basic account and increase your API usage limits (3,000 per calendar month)**.

* We collect VAT, on top of the monthly price, from customers based in Europe and the U.K.

** Fair usage applies.

See it in action.

Nothing like showing a nice demo. Sit back, relax, and let me take you through the basics on getting up and running. Cup of coffee ☕️, or tea, is totally optional. 16 minutes.